Intimate Workshop

+ one-on-one coaching

I want to help you strengthen your relationships before 2023!

This is a tailored workshop that will help grow as an individual + make you an assertive communicator. This course was created for those who want to learn simple, easy-to-implement communication strategies that create connection + improve all their relationships.

Full Details About the

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What you get

2 Hour Live

I will personally be on this workshop live to teach you and to answer all your questions so that you leave knowing exactly how this process works.

Follow up
One-on-One Call

After the workshop, I will schedule a 30-minute call that works with both of our schedules to go over any questions that have come up for you during the implementation period.
(This alone is worth the cost of the workshop!)

Access to the Replay of the workshop

Can't make it live?
No worries! You will always have this resource available because you will get access to the replay.
(And if you submit a question in advance, I will be sure to address it in the workshop).



Note: There are no refunds for this workshop.

Your Questions Answered!

What is the date & time of the workshop?

We are going to be live for the Peaceful Communication Workshop on
Tuesday, December 6 at 10:00am

Does this include 1:1 calls with Michele or Dave?

Either. We have found that most men prefer working with another man, so Dave is a great option if you are a guy. But you will have the option to choose who you'd like your 1:1 call to be with.

How long is the 1:1 session?


Do we have the option to purchase more time for the 1:1?

Absolutely. Our goal is to support you through the entire process, no matter how long it takes. Additional time will be available at $49 per 30-minutes.

Is there a limit to the number of spots available?

No limit. We are prepared to offer you the high-level support you need, no matter how many enroll.

Will you offer this again in the future?

We will offer many different kinds of communication training in the future. That's just what we love to do. The topics may be different though. What we will not be offering again is the 1:1 coaching call component for this price. We are doing the 1:1 calls as a beta launch, so the next time we offer this, it will be at a much higher price.

My promise
to you...

You will have complete guidance and support from me throughout the entire process. We will work together to achieve your goals and you will leave this workshop understanding how to communicate peacefully.

"If you can, help others;
if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them"

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