Wiping out crappy communication
one relationship
at a time

Master our 5-step framework so that you can finally have the relationship you dream of.

How would life change for you if you could finally stop feeling so alone?

Whether you are in a relationship that feels like it could use more connection
You see things progressively getting worse; we can help!

Because knowing how to communicate means that...

You will feel more seen, and heard, which can heal feelings of loneliness.

You will begin to articulate what you need and start asking for what you want without blame.

You will stop trying to control others and focus your attention inward.

You will learn what empathy is and understand why it is so important in relationships.

You will learn how to resolve disagreements peacefully and end cycles of arguments.

But the problem might be...

You don’t know how to have calm conversations because they always seem to end the same way.

You’re completely over trying to hint at what you want because he should already know what you need.

You don’t have the time, money, or energy to waste on a counselor who’s not going to get you results.

we're going to help you fix that

Language is the most powerful form of connection we have-both in its ability to tear down and build up. The good news is that it’s surprisingly simple to grasp what it takes to find compassion in everyday conversations, even disagreements. 

The biggest obstacle is having never learned. 

BUT, if you’re willing to commit to your relationship and spend some time with us learning and then a little more time practicing, I can promise you rewards beyond your most extraordinary imagination.

The difference between having a mediocre relationship and an extraordinary one is in our ability to communicate well.


Identify your feelings with ease & understanding

Take accountability for how you perceive the world without blaming others

Communicate your needs clearly

Understand compassion in a way that fosters true connection and belonging


Let's work together
What would life be like if we could help you to have conversations that ended in mutual love & respect?

And at the end of a difficult conversation, you walked away with your dignity intact, feeling seen as an individual, respected as a human, and treated with loving-kindness.

How would your life Change?

Self-awareness is understanding what we bring to a relationship and how our unique qualities influence our interactions with others. This includes being aware of our desires, actions, beliefs, needs, and innate personality traits.

One of the most neglected parts of communication is in our inability to name our feelings and emotions, so this is where we start.

We live in a society where we like to place blame on everyone but ourselves, which is dangerous when trying to cultivate compassion. Our second stage of communication hinges on our ability to recognize that we are responsible for our feelings and we teach you to take accountability for that.

We teach a method of communicating your feelings while taking responsibility for them. This part is pivotal in ensuring the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Compassion means we listen without judgment, ridicule, justification, or defensiveness. We teach you how to stop these habits so that compassion can take precedence in all of your conversations.

a bit about us

The first time we started experiencing communication problems in our marriage was when life felt the most difficult. We vowed to figure it out, and now we speak, write, and teach ways to help you get the the kind of connection you deserve. We use these same strategies in our lives every single day in our relationships as a couple and as parents.

Everything we create is to help you feel less lonely and more seen so that you too can make a difference in the lives you touch.

Let us be straight with you. We are not filtered. We love laughter, making light of our quirks, and sometimes joking about things others find inappropriate. We don’t believe life needs to be taken so seriously all the time.

So let’s get your communication kinks ironed out so you can start feeling the joy & happiness that comes from communicating well.

A photo of Michele and Dave

Work with us.

Individual Sessions

Weekly Sessions
$ 797 Per Month
  • Weekly sessions take place via zoom
  • Each session is 50 minutes long
  • Unlimited email/text for extra support
  • 1 month check-in session after completion of program
  • 2-month commitment

Group Workshops

In-person workshops
$ 497 per couple
  • In-person event
  • Each workshop is 3 hours long
  • Additional questions will be answered via private online forum

online course

Digital Course
$ 347 one time fee
  • Join our email list to be the first notified when it launches.
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Got Questions?

Here's what others have asked:
While we focus a lot of attention on relationships, this program can also be helpful in any relationship you have, including your relationship as a parent, a leader or as a friend. What you learn about communication will help you strengthen every relationship you have.

All of our individual sessions take place online via a private zoom room. We find this is the most accommodating for families who work, and it allows us to meet without having to pay extra for a sitter (cause we know how difficult it can be to track down someone to watch the kids).

Our workshops locations vary but are usually somewhere in North San Diego County.

With both the group workshops and individual sessions, we encourage you to reach out to us if you ever get confused, are struggling with something, or have questions. 

In our group workshops, we allow extra time to answer any questions. 

For individual sessions, you will have direct access to us via email and text for 4 months following the initial session.

We do everything in our power to ensure compatibility before investing with us because we do not offer any money-back guarantees on individual sessions or workshops. 

NO! In fact, working with us before you are in a relationship is a great way to ensure you find the right partner when you are finally ready to settle down in a relationship.

(Between us, we think it should be a prerequisite to work with us to even apply for a marriage license. Seriously though.) 

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